It’s more than just painting the walls. You can choose the best paints for your home’s exterior and interior walls, thanks to modern technology. We know that your home should stand out from the rest and you have put a lot of effort into it. While it is important to choose the best colors and tools for your home, you often overlook other vital aspects when choosing paint. In recent years, the paint industry has made many advancements to provide you with unique colors and qualities so you can express your creativity. This article will show you how to choose the right paint color for your home.

Distemper Paints

These paints are most popular because of their cost effectiveness and shine. Distemper was almost synonymous with paint in the 1980s and before. It has a long history of being used to renovate homes. Distemper paint has improved over time and now comes in a variety of colors to meet your needs. There are two main options when it comes to choosing a distemper for your house. One is water-based and one is oil-based. You can also use spray painting tools with distemper. Dry distempers can be used for homes and rental properties, while oil-based ones are great for industrial use. There are many options for paints that can be used to enhance your fantasy, but few people would choose these types of paints.

Emulsion Paints

Because of their luster, emulsion paints are one of the most popular paints. These paints are water-based so they don’t emit an odor after painting. These paints are made of acrylic or vinyl and have a longer-lasting sheen.

You can also use a wet cloth to clean any spillages or stains and make your walls shiny and smooth. There are many finishes available for emulsion paints, including satin, silk and eggshell. Emulsion paints are the best choice if you want to paint your home in high-quality colors with superior paint.


Luster paints, which are usually solvent-based paints, offer unparalleled shine and gleam to your interior walls. Solvent-based paints have a long-lasting sheen and are durable. You must be aware of the odor when you paint your home with any luster-based paint. It takes approximately 4 to 5 days for the paint to dry completely. Once it is dried, it will be okay within one week. There are many fragrant solvents that can be used to reduce or eliminate the odor of paint. However, if you don’t feel like getting into the mess, leave it alone. Within a few days, your walls will have a sheen and shine. You can also choose spraypaint tools or water-based Luster Paints, which are less odorous and just as effective as solvent-based paints.

Enamel Paints

Because of their excellent chemical composition, these paints are ideal for exterior walls. When used with high-quality paint tools, enamel paints can provide a durable, opaque, and glossy finish to your walls. These paints are extremely durable and can withstand heat and temperatures. These paints are often preferred to paint metallic surfaces, but this depends on where you live. Emulsion and temper paints can fade if your home is exposed too much heat or temperature during the day. However, enamel paints are durable enough to provide shine and durability even in harsh climatic conditions.

Cement Paints

These paints can also be applied on either the interior or exterior of your house. These paints can be used on exterior walls as they protect brickwork and concrete surfaces. To provide maximum protection for your walls, cement paint has binders that contract and expand with concrete surfaces. Cement paints are a great choice if you want to provide unmatched durability and protection for your walls.

It is worth considering your needs and the location of your home before you make a decision on any of these paints. Towertools is your one-stop shop for paint tools and high quality paints.