Saudi Arabia has a rich history with Muslims. It also hosts the most visited and holy places for Muslims, Mecca, Medina and the Persian Gulf. To the southeast is vast oil reserves that have been the driving force behind Arab’s success since the 1960s.
Every year, people from all walks of the world travel to the historic sites. It is a great place for people with limited budgets, as it’s not very expensive. If you plan well, it is possible to manage your trip to Saudi Arabia.

You can certainly save on different commodities. First, you can save by choosing airlines like Air Arabia booking. If you plan in advance, you may be eligible for discounts and sales.


Mecca is the holiest and oldest place for Muslims to visit. Saudi Arabia was home to a traditional culture that has been in existence for thousands of years. It still exists today, even though it was established in the middle of the 20th century. The generosity of people in Makkah, Madinah and other places gives travelers the opportunity to visit. Since it is the holiest site, people of all backgrounds try to be kind and offer free food to those who are less fortunate.
Budget travellers will find this a great advantage. You can take a walk around the area to see which areas have affordable food and hotels. These are just a few of the many tips and tricks that will help you travel on a tight budget to Saudi Arabia.

Use ATMs

Saudi Arabia has no ATM fees for transactions. This allows you to use ATMs to withdraw money from your account without any fees. You can use ATMs to withdraw money even if your budget is tight.


Budget travel is important because you want to stay in a comfortable and affordable place. Here’s a tip: Couch surfing. Couch surfing is a great way to save money on lodging in Saudi Arabia. However, it is also a method of making money. It is important to be open to meeting locals and chatting with them via the app. It’s possible to make friends and learn more about the area and other things through the app. You just need to be aware of what is around you.


Saudi Arabia, as mentioned earlier, is one of the oldest countries. Many historical sites have been preserved and tourists from all over the world visit them. Saudi Arabia is very affordable for sightseeing. It is possible to travel and explore the country without spending a fortune.


Saudi Arabia is an enormous country. You will need a means of transport to get you to Riyadh at a reasonable price. There are many ways to get around Riyadh. The buses are the first option. Buses are the best way to get around the city. Saudi Arabia’s bus system is the most affordable. Although trains are more affordable than buses, they offer a better alternative. Trains can also be used for travel.

Budget Food

Saudi Arabia isn’t a country where food is an economic choice. Saudi Arabia’s food can be quite expensive. While local food like Rice and Meat is affordable, other food options such as western cuisine and brands are more expensive. Saudi Arabians love western food so it is priced at the same level as other countries.


It is possible to make your own meals and use grocery products to provide accommodation while visiting a friend or relative. You can save a lot of money by doing this. There are many markets in Saudi Arabia where you can purchase for yourself. This is much easier than eating at 5-star restaurants. These are just a few of the many tips that will help you travel the Gulf while still staying within your budget. It’s worth the effort.