You must have definitely heard about CBD or even tried it. After all, there are countless anecdotal evidence which support CBD’s effectiveness in providing relief from several health issues.


However, if after using CBD for a long time, you are not experiencing any noticeable benefits, there may be several reasons behind it. Here we have discussed 6 reasons why some individuals don’t get any health benefits from CBD. Go through these reasons, as one of them or more might relate to you too.


Reasons of why CBD isn’t working for you:


  1. You are not using the right CBD oil


It is important to understand that CBD oil comes in three different varieties, and all three have different effects. If you have purchased a full-spectrum CBD oil tincture, know this that it contains more than 100 other cannabinoids as well as trace amounts of THC along with CBD compound.


Next, if you have a CBD isolate, it only has the CBD compound separated from hemp plant. Lastly, if it is a broad-spectrum CBD, it starts as a full-spectrum but contains no THC. Research shows that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils are more effective compared to CBD isolate. So, if your CBD tincture is not working for you, try a different one.


  1. Your CBD dosage is not proper


If CBD isn’t working for you, there are good chances that your dosage is incorrect. This means, either you are taking too much or too little. Unfortunately, there is no specific guide about CBD dosage, so you have to keep an open mind, and do some experimentation. Furthermore, factors like your diet, metabolism, weight, lifestyle, etc. also influence your CBD dosage.


  1. You are using the wrong form of CBD


How you are consuming CBD matters a lot. CBD is now available as tinctures, edibles, drinks, vape pen, and even topicals. Each delivery system has its own amount of bioavailability. If the one you are taking isn’t showing any results, try to understand the pros and cons of each form, and check out a different one.



  1. You are not combining CBD with some healthy fats


If you are taking CBD orally, it is best if you take it with some food. Consuming CBD on an empty stomach will not give desired results. The thing is, stomach acids will break down the compound considerably if there are no other substance to blend with those acids.


  1. You are not using good quality product


If CBD is not working for you, it is possible that the product you are using is at fault. After all, there are many CBD companies out there, and not all of them manufacture high-quality products.


  1. You are not being patient


CBD is not a magical compound, and thus just like every other supplement or medication, it will need some time to build up in your system. You might have to follow a proper regime for a few days or weeks before you experience any results.


Lastly, keep in mind that every individual is wired differently. So, if you have tried enough CBD products, and they aren’t working for you, there are chances that CBD is not for you.