There are many people who love chocolate bars. Butterfingers to snickers. They indulge in the perfect mix of sweet and savory. There are also candy lovers who are obsessed by all things chewy and gooey. Gummy candy are on the rise, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Despite all the new gummy toys like frogs, butterflies and mini soda cans, gummy bees will continue to be our favorite gummy candy.

But what is the real story behind these little chewy gummy bears. How did they get there? Con que hacen las gomitas? What makes them so chewy and delicious? They can be a satisfying sweet when you are trying to satisfy a craving. However there’s more to their story. We decided we’d like to dig deeper into the gummy bears. This is what gummy bears are all about.

Gummy bear colors make absolutely no sense

Have you ever taken out a bag of gummy candy and chosen your favorite color bear? What if you bite into the gummy bears and discover that the flavor is not as you thought? It happens to the best.

Gummy bears contain gelatin

We all know that it’s so much fun to bite into gummy candy. The texture is the most important thing, after all. What exactly is the secret to gummy-bears’ chewy texture? The addition of gelatin to gummy bears works in the same way as Jell-O or marshmallows.

Gummy bears are made with sugar and corn syrup. Gelatin allows for thickening, but still maintaining a gooey consistency.

Gelatin is made from collagen, which is found within the tissues, skin and bone of animals like pigs or cows. Gummy candies that contain animal products are a reason why many vegetarians don’t eat them.

Halal gummy bears may be found

Gummy bears may seem to be acceptable for all, except those who are vegetarians. As it turns out they aren’t, unless they’re made in certain factories.

Islam is a religion that allows muslims to only eat halal or permissible products. They indicates that halal meats are only those that do not originate from forbidden cuts, like hindquarters, and/or from certain animals, like pigs. There are also restrictions regarding how the animal was killed, and how they lived.

Gelatin is made out of the tissue, skin, bone, and tissues of cows and pork. Some products containing gelatin aren’t halal.

Gummy bears are easily transformed into shots.

Gummy bears have a nostalgic appeal. Gummy bears can be one of the most beloved candy, and it’s easy to recall eating them as children. What if gummy b bears could be made into an adult version? It turns out you can.

Gummy bears had their Disney cartoon

There aren’t many candy brands that can claim they are television icons. Although there are plenty commercials for many candies, and they often appear within TV shows, but what about a television series devoted to candy? It’s very rare.

Giant gummy bears may be purchased

At this point you can order almost any product you want online. I guess the real question is: would you really want? Imagine buying a gigantic gummy bear. This would be a real dream come true for all the gummy-bear lovers.