There could be many reasons why your vape isn’t working. You might have over-pulled your vape and clogged the tank. Maybe the battery isn’t working. This is a common problem that can be easily identified and fixed.

What’s Vaping or Vaping?

Vaping refers to inhaling a vapor created using an electronic cigarette, or other vaping-specific devices. These battery-powered devices have cart vap, which contain nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. The heat from the liquid turns into vapor, which is inhaled and exhaled like a real cigarette. These devices come in many different forms depending on the type of liquid you are using and how you use it.

Cannabis vape pens are gaining popularity because of the ease, safety, and comfort they offer as compared to smoking cigarettes or rolling joints.

Your vape pen cartridge may be clogged.

Clogged vape cartridges can be caused by blockages in the airflow holes. This issue can be fixed by taking out the cartridges and using a Q-Tip to dip it into the airflow holes of the cartridge. This is often caused by the oily residue that has been left in the cartridge from previous use.

You can insert a QTip into your mouthpiece and then twist it. It will be surprised at how much debris has built up in your mouthpiece, preventing airflow.

If the obstruction is not due to the cartridge airflow hole, then there may be something else blocking the mouthpiece. Use a safety pin, or something similar to the mouthpiece, to gently check for obstructions in the flow of air. Also, check if it is possible to fix it manually.

First, make sure that the battery is charged and that there is oil in the cartridge. To avoid this, do not overfill the cartridge/tank. Also, don’t leave the device unattended for too long.

The vape pen’s airflow setting is wrong –

These devices require the proper and correct airflow settings to ensure that the oil flows freely. These airflow holes must be wide enough to allow you to use the pen without having to pull too hard. When filling the vape pen, ensure that all airflow holes are closed.

The cartridge is too tightly sealed –

Your vape may stop working if you twist the vape cartridge too tightly. It is important not to twist the cartridge too tightly that it blocks the vape cartridge’s airflow holes. Attach your cartridges to the battery gently and don’t tighten it too much.

The oil viscosity for the vape is

You should also check the oil viscosity of your vape pen. Thicker oils may need to be heated for a while before you use them. It is not directly proportional to airflow but it can be easily mistaken for one.

Why must I pull so hard on my vape?

The cartridge’s airflow holes can be blocked by oily residue, which causes a lot of vapor loss and leaking. After cleaning the vape pen thoroughly, you can reassemble it by gently pulling on it and inhaling slowly but not too hard to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The wicks soak up the juice from the tank. This draws juice into the wicks. You can get more juice if you pull too hard.

Modifying your pulling can help you avoid these problems. Clean your vape pen regularly to remove liquid concentrated residues. Always use the recommended settings for your device as directed by the manufacturer.