These days, both bi-fold, as well as patio doors, have become quite popular because of the availability of various modern styles that can offer several functional advantages.

Firstly, it can be an easy way of introducing more natural light that can easily ward off any seasonal depression, can improve your mood, and also reduce various health risks that are associated with using fluorescent lights.

Besides, bifold doors can extend our living space and offer us a nice view of our garden and backyard. However, because of their large size, these bi-fold doors are challenging to dress, particularly if your budget is low.

Also, there are several options to select from, e.g. curtain tracks, curtain fabric, blinds, or any double curtain pole. Therefore, let us discuss how you can dress your bi-fold doors.

  1. Dressing with curtain tracks/poles

For heavy curtains, it is preferable to use metal curtain tracks. Plastic brackets can also be used, but need extra brackets to support heavy curtains. You must avoid flimsy poles or tracks that may bend in the middle due to the weight of the curtains.

Curtain tracks are extra-long for any extra-wide doorways and can easily draw in a very smooth fluid motion for any large curtains.

  1. Dressing with blinds

These blinds for any bi-fold doors are considered as the more contemporary choice that can complement the modern look. Besides, if the space available on top is very small, then blinds can be an excellent option because fitting any curtain rail will be impractical.

You can find a wide range of blinds to select from including your popular roller blinds as well as Venetian blinds.

  1. Dressing with heavy curtains

During the winter months, for minimizing heat loss, go for bi-fold doors having a thermal lining. Similarly, you may use blackout lining for lounges, sunlight glare can be avoided during the day.

Wool and cotton are popular materials used for heavy curtains, so prefer durable tracks that will be able to support heavy curtains.

  1. Dressing with light curtains

One of the very versatile, affordable, and lightweight curtains are muslin curtains, while voiles can be a very elegant choice for the bi-fold doors. Any lighter curtains like these would mean much more heat loss and more sound will get in from the outside environment into the house.

  1. Dressing double-layered curtains

In case, you are looking for privacy, or are not able to select between heavy or light curtains, then select both and choose to go for any layered window treatments. Your double curtain poles can help with this.

They will allow you to suitably layer the doors with 2 pairs of curtains that are hanging simultaneously from your same fitting. You can add any matching holdbacks and then it can create a more classic and cosy touch to the interior.

When you will match your bi-fold door with any dressing, it will be better to plan it well much before you go for installing. That way you will have the freedom to select the curtains or blinds that you really want.