With the advancement in technology, the Health and Social Care sector has inherited a modernised approach to Learning and Development and customised e-Learning for their organisations. This has, and will be widely beneficial for the sector regardless whether your organisation has new staff or professionals with years of experience. E-Learning for Health and Social Care can be a vital learning tool when combined with a Learning Management System, known as an LMS. The pairing of both e-Learning and an LMS means that your Health and Social Care staff members get the best chance in their own personal development through Blended Learning. This type of learning is also known as hybrid learning, it incorporates e-Learning, online resources and traditional face-to-face training.

As technology grows, the e-Learning types will continue to grow and can be easily incorporated into your Health and Social Care organisation. This means e-Learning for Care homes will be more scenario based and more relevant to learners in their roles. Not only does this create relatable e-Learning content, but it helps the learner feel empowered and engaged with their training. A good Learning Provider will consider integrating certified and accredited e-Learning materials to actively promote Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

What should I be looking for in e-Learning for Health and Social Care?

With there being new ways to share and provide knowledge to your care workers, it is now essential that some training does not get missed off your Learning and Development agenda. This type of training within Health and Social Care is known as ‘Mandatory Training’, this generally covers both adequate induction training and annual refresher training. This is vital for all staff members and organisations to remain up-to-date with regulatory requirements. These training courses within Health and Social Care commonly include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Manual Handling
  • Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Awareness

These e-Learning courses are designed to stay aligned with basic regulatory requirements in the Health and Social Care sector. To get real value out of your e-Learning courses for your Health and Social Care organisation, you can book an obligation free consultation to discuss and explore how My Learning Cloud can improve your Learning and Development efforts. We have over 100 CPD certified e-Learning courses, in our all-in-one LMS to support your organisation boost compliance results.