Quad bikes are frequently linked with freedom and flexibility. They conjure up visions of hours of joy riding over dusty hills and through muddy valleys. However, quad bikes are inherently unstable machines that need skill and expertise.

Here’s a safety primer for riding your new Quad Warehouse bike:

1. Purchase The Appropriate Bike For Your Needs

If you’re new to quad riding, make sure you buy a bike appropriate for your level of expertise and strength. Quad riding is a challenging sport. Therefore you want the vehicle’s weight and power to be something you can handle.

2. Perform Maintenance Inspections

Quad Bikes that have been in service for more than three years must get an MOT to be used on public roads. As a result, functional safety equipment such as brake lights, hazard warning lights, and a speedometer is required. You may also require a complete driver’s licence, a motorcycle licence, and vehicle insurance.

Even if you intend to go off-road, you should do basic safety checks before each journey. Make sure you check:

  • Front and rear brakes
  • Typing pressure
  • Steering
  • The oil level
  • The fuel level

3. The Wheels

Ensuring your quad bike has the proper tires is a crucial aspect of quad bike safety. Quad bike tires are classified using three digits.

The first two digits on the tire are the width and height, while the third is the rim size.

4. Safety Equipment

Quad bikes lack seatbelts, weather covers, and even roll cages. Wearing the proper safety equipment is critical.

• Helmets – Your head is the most vulnerable to harm. As a result, you must select a helmet that fits properly and allows you to see well. You’ll need a tinted visor to shield your eyes from the sun, and if you don’t want to wear a full-face helmet, make sure you wear goggles.

• Clothing – Wear sensible clothing such as pants and long sleeves to avoid scrapes and cuts.

• Gloves – Many quad bike-specific gloves on the market provide cushioning for a secure hold. There are also fingerless gloves available to keep you cool. Handlebar mittens are helpful in the winter.

• Footwear – Make sure your boots are at least ankle-high to prevent them from slipping off while riding. If you’re going for a short ride, wear closed shoes that cover your entire foot.

5. Drive Carefully

Electric Quad Bikes are not the same as vehicles. Because most have a solid rear axle, you must alter your posture to turn. When you wish to take a low-speed corner, move your weight on the outside footrest and lean into the turn.

When travelling at a faster pace, momentum tries to draw your weight to the outside of the turn, so lean in and retain your weight within the turn.

Here are a few extra safety precautions:

  • Do not transport equipment or passengers unless the bike is specifically intended to do so.
  • When parking on a hill, face sideways.
  • Always bike with caution.

Keep in mind that falls happen all the time. Roll in the same direction as your bike if you fall. Never take chances, and always make sure you have adequate training before venturing out.