You may be looking for a new site or redesigning your existing website. Here are some tips to help you select the best web agency. It is your responsibility to design and develop your site. This will be the first impression customers have of you and your company. It’s a big deal!

So how can you decide which company to choose? Below are 5 questions to ask potential web designers and partners.

Tips To Help Choose a Web Design Agency

Before you start searching online for a web design agency you must first have an idea about what your website will do. Also, think about the features it should contain to help achieve your goals. Your company’s website is an important marketing tool.


If you are looking for experience, there are 2 things to look out for:

  • How long has the organization existed? Are they an agency that is established or one that is just starting?
  • Do they have any experience with websites designed for your industry, websites which get results, and websites that you like?

It is important that your agency partner has processes in place to facilitate the design and construction process.


A portfolio of web design agencies is an excellent way to determine your skills and abilities. Be sure to seek out more than just good-looking websites. A website that is complicated to navigate will not be as attractive as one that is well designed.

Portfolios give insight into creativity as well industry experience and complicated coding abilities. Here are some tips for reviewing portfolios.

  • Do they make mobile-friendly websites?
  • Do they use the newest web design trends?
  • Are all the websites alike – same structure, navigation, imagery?
  • Which websites have won awards?

If you like what an agency does but don’t have industry experience, ask them how they would help your company. It doesn’t matter if they have industry experience but you should love the work that they do.

Average Customer Size

It is worth taking a look at the average customer size an agency has. It doesn’t matter if you are their smallest customer. They may not have any experience with working at that scale, so you might feel neglected, unimportant, and ignored.

They may not want to work with the largest customer they’ve ever had. This could mean they don’t know how to work at the scales you need. There are certain scales. This requires a different knowledge base. It is not as simple to perform the same tasks that you would for a medium company at just 2 or 4 times your level.

Agency Culture

Culture can reveal a lot of information about an agency’s personality and work ethic. You want to work with an agency that matches your company’s personality.

You can find out more about agency culture by:

  • Is there a lot to smile about in their Instagram photos?
  • Reviewing team webpages – Do they highlight the talents and expertise of their teams?
  • Community involvement Are they involved in their community?

Meeting potential web partners is a great way to get to know their culture. Do they make me feel welcome? Do they listen when you tell them what you want? Are they excited by your project?

The agency culture is a key factor in choosing a web designing agency. As you’ll likely spend a lot more time together, ensure your web design partner matches your company and personality.