Here at The Jewel Hut we have so many jewellery brands to choose from there is sure to be the perfect pieces of jewellery for you and your loved ones. If you’re looking for different jewellery designs and brands that will help you stand out from the crowd then we have everything you need right here at The Jewel Hut.

Whether you’re after something that has spiritual symbols then there are a few different brands to choose from here at The Jewel Hut that have created a beautiful selection of spiritual jewellery. If you’re looking for jewellery with crosses or inclusion of angels then there are pieces of jewellery from brands like THOMAS SABO and Angel Whisperer that are sure to be perfect for those wanting spiritual jewellery.

If you’re looking for something a little more edgy then skull jewellery is the perfect place to start. If it’s alternative jewellery for him then Bourne and Wilde have a fantastic selection of skull jewellery to add a little edge to any outfit. From beaded bracelets with skull accents to skull pendant necklaces, Bourne and Wilde is the perfect brand to choose from for him.

Shaun Leane is another brand that really pulls it out the bag when it comes to alternative jewellery options. With the inclusion of thorns throughout the designs and even the inclusion of pieces of jewellery that look like the spine, Shaun Leane really does have some alternative jewellery style options for you to choose from here at The Jewel Hut.

If you’re after chunky pieces of jewellery to add to your style then Buddha to Buddha is the brand for you. Made from Sterling Silver, Buddha to Buddha jewellery has been created to help you find the deeper meaning to life. With detailed chunky chains, beaded bracelets and chunky earrings, Buddha to Buddha have the perfect chunky alternative jewellery you need.

Looking for an alternative styled watch then Vivienne Westwood watches are the perfect place to start looking. Combining the orb logo with tartan and dark leather these timepieces marry Vivienne Westwood’s punk influences with timeless designs. With the inclusion of watches for both him and her, our selection of Vivienne Westwood watches here at The Jewel Hut is sure to help you be a trendsetter.

If you’re after something that is alternative but still adds glitz and glamour to your style then Swarovski is the perfect place to look. With a lot of their current pieces being more on the alternative side, Swarovski can provide sparkle whilst also adding something a little more unusual to your outfit. Large crystals and bold, bright colours, Swarovski is the brand for you if you want to add some colour and sparkle to your alternative style.

Discover the latest alternative jewellery styles available to purchase here at The Jewel Hut. Find everything you need to be the next trendsetter and add stunning pieces of jewellery and beautiful timepieces to your style every day. Shop online now to find your alternative jewellery pieces.